Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unwanted First Date

So the only “real” first date I ever been on wasn’t so great (like most), and I say “real” this way meaning this was the only first date I went on were the guy was someone I didn’t really know much about and I wasn’t really in to him. So yeah… this was a “real” first date. There has also been a feel times where I’ve been tricked into going on dates, but those stories I’ll save for another time.

When I was in high school, my sister was friends with someone who knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew a guy who owns a Chinese buffet. The owner needed someone who looks Asian and can speak English well to become a hostess. It was an easy job, all you had to do was say hello to the customer, seat them, be friendly and keep track of how many people came in and out. The owner hired me on the spot!

There was a waiter who didn’t really talk to me much so I didn’t really notice him for the first few days. The nest week, the full-time hostess that worked with me started telling me all these nice things about him, and he started to sit next to me during our dinner break. I guess they were trying to prepare me for when he finally ask me out. I try to show that I was not interested without being too rude. There was nothing wrong with him, I was just not ready to date.

My modestly didn’t work. He asked me to dinner and on his day off (I only worked two nights a week, he worked six). I told him I didn’t know and I’ll have to check my schedule… a total lie. Right when the words came out of my mount I saw the look of confusion and embarrassment form on his face. I panicked! I told him I’ll call him and let him know after I got a change to check my schedule. It totally made things worse because he gave me his phone number. Now I felt obligated to call him. I left work as fast as I could that night.

When I went home I told my sister what happened. Then her friend who also works at the buffet texted her. The friend told her that the guy really liked me and couldn’t wait for me to call him. What was I to do? My sister told me to give it a try, it wasn’t like we were getting married or something. So I texted the guy (instead of calling… chicken, I know), and I told him I was free to go.

The dated started out lame…… because I had to drive us! Call me old fashion but it just wasn’t what I dreamed my first date would be like. Turns out he didn’t have a car because he lives with his co-workers and they all drive to work together, plus he just moved here from New York. It was understandable.

On the way to the restaurant we had a nice conversation about how he ended up in here and why he left New York (he couldn’t find work in NY, his friend’s dad was the owner of the buffet so that’s how he got the job). When we got to the restaurant he told me more about his life in New York.

So here are some things that I found out about him during our dinner…
He is a high school dropout.
He miss going to school because the girls there were hot.
His little brother will not talk to anyone in his family.
He uses to do a lot of bad things in the pass, but he didn’t tell me what they were, I didn’t ask for details.
He got stabbed in the stomach and almost died…gang related fight.

Okay so there were a few nice things about him but they were the typical things, nothing that would over shadow the negatives.

There were no sparks between us either.

After dinner he asked to go for a movie but I lied and told him I had to go home and study. I dropped him off at his house, but before he got out of my car…. he lead over to kiss me! And I back away from him! I’m not the type to kiss on the first date. I said “sorry”, and he said, “that’s ok”. I went home feeling really bad, I should have just said no to him when he first asked me.  

The next day I had to work. Sooo weird to have to see him again. Right when I sat down, he came over to talk to me. He told me that he was moving back to New York. In a way, I was kind of happy that I didn’t have to see him anymore.

Later that week, my sister found out from her friend that this guy was already planning to move before I started working there. He decided to stay a little longer when he saw me, but then after the date, he clearly saw that it wasn’t going to happen with me. So the next week he was gone.

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