Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Losing a Friend

In high school I had a friend name Melissa. We started getting to know each other through mutual friends as a freshman, and then we got really close the next year. We had so much fun together and we were growing up together. We laughed, played and talked about boys like any other teen girls. Melissa became my best friend when we started trusting each other with our deepest darkest secrets.

Although I enjoyed being friends with Melissa, almost everyone else in our school disliked her. Before becoming her friend I had already heard all the rumors and weird things that were said about her. Some of those rumors, I knew could not be true, and some I think may be true, but they were never anything that bad. Main point, Melissa had haters. I wasn’t sure what she did in the pass to gain these haters, and I didn’t care, because I liked her. She was pure fun.

Then one day as I was walking up to the side of the school where my friends and I would stand and talked while we waited for the school bell. Melissa was already there. I stood next to her and said “hi” to everyone. Melissa was the only one that didn’t say “hi” back, I wouldn’t normally take notices but she turned away from me in a way that was just to noticeable to ignore.

She ignored me the whole day and for the following days after that as well. Our mutual friends told me that she was mad at me but they didn’t know why. Every time I tried to talk to her she would simply walk away from me. How do people do that?! She really did just walk away! Like I was a bad smell that she had to get away from ASAP. So I never even had a chance to talk to her at all.

I try to think back to the days leading up to the day she completely stop talking to me. What did I do to make her so mad? Till this day, I still don’t know what happen. No one could get her to tell them why she dislikes me all of the sudden. I guess I’ll never really know what happen.

Maybe this was the reason people didn’t like her. But the good times I had with her were so good that I have never said negative things about her. People can say what that want about her, but I will always think of Melissa as the fun and nice person.

Melissa may have a problem with me but I have no problems with her and I miss her friendship. Friends come and go as we get older. Melissa was the only one I ever regret losing.

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  1. Omg I know someone who does that same exact thing! She would be my friend one day then the next she would be ignoring me and telling people she was mad at me. This happened back in middle school so I like really wanted her to be my friend again so I tried everything but nope didn't work then all of a sudden one day she starts talking to me again so I was like yayy! until she ignores me again... It kept going on and on where she would talk to me and be my friend then turn her back on me and noo there is no way I wanted to be her friend anymore.