Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I’ve gained weight!

I’ve gained weight! Ok so I know that I’m skinny. In a matter of fact, I’ve always been very skinny… no haters please. I have been very lucky to have a high metabolism and an active life. But lately, all I do is eat and sleep and sit at my desk studying. Plus my hubby came to visit me over the holiday so that makes things worst cuz I cooked for him everyday… my cooking is good its hard not to over eat lol. Anyways, he left and now I’ve gotten use to that way of eating.

Oh, yeah… I’m getting married in June!!!! So I got to look good by then.

I know I’m still skinny but I have a bigger belly then what I’m use to. And for those who may not understand, when your skinny your whole life, its hard to adjust to the weight gain.
So its time to make a change!

I don’t weigh myself every often because I don’t have a scale. I don’t care about how much I weigh, the number is not important to me. Whats important to me is the way I look and feel. Right now, I feel like a slug and I can see that I have a bigger belly. As of today, and before I eat the pizza I got sitting in the oven, the largest part of my belly is 33inches, the smallest is 26inches(which I’m fine with). The largest part is the only area of my body that I really care about changing its shape. I really only want 3inches off and I need it off by March for my fitting. (The dress is beautiful!)
                                                        call me crazy but i want a FLAT belly 

I don’t want to call this a diet….. cuz its not really a diet. I’ll still eat whatever I want… just less of it. I think I’ll call this… “Project Get Tone” yeah that sounds better.

I’ll try not to eat snacks constantly while watching tv and youtube. I’ll go to the gym in my building more often and do workouts in my apartment more often. I’ll try and find a plan that works for me and update the progress or lack of progress later, with a update pic too. 

By the way I played field hockey and soccer in middle school and high school, I also played basket ball in middle school too. For six years of my life I trained every day, so I know what I’m doing when it comes to work outs. Don’t worry I’m not going to over do it.

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