Friday, February 24, 2012

Inconsiderate bottles of Jack!

Yesterday was a bad day.

I normally take the shuttle to my school and leave my car in the building’s parking lot. Sometimes I go days without using my car, trying to save money on gas. I looked out the window as the shuttle passes my car. I do this every few days if I haven’t drove my car for a few days because last year I got two flat tires within the same week (I got paranoid and thought someone was out to get me, lol). So I got into the habit of staring at my tires. This time I notice some glass near one of my back tires. I guess some drunken idiot was walking around the parking lot with a bottle of Jack and dropped, or smashed it on the ground next to my car. I think it was smashed and not dropped accidentally because I tend to think the worst in drunken people. I’m 23 now and I still have not gotten super drunk yet. A little buzz, yes, but never drunk. I guess this means I’m boring? I really do want to know how it feels to be drunk… someday.

Any ways, I’m 100% sure that it was one of the other students that live in my building. My car was parked right at the door way area, so they would have seen it the next day. I feel every disappointed in the person who did this because they didn’t clean up the glass in the parking lot. Now I have to go clean it up before driving off or else it will mess up my tires.

Later in the day, I was doing some homework when I heard some odd noise coming from the hallway of my apartment. There was water coming out of my ceiling! I called maintenance over asap. The guy who came took a quick at it and said, “I’ll go up to see if the boys upstairs flooded their apartment. Not like they would tell me the truth anyways.” He was right. The boys above me told me nothing happen, and that they only had a wet towel on the ground. We knew that was a lie because no towel from a shower could have so much water in it to go thru the floor and into my ceiling. The guy told me he was 100% sure they flooded their bathroom floor because it seem a little wet he was there. The boys upstairs just didn’t want to get in trouble. An hour later he cleaned up the ceiling and carpet for me. The maintenance guy also told me not to be surprise if it happens again. L      

                                        Only a few drops left.... I hope they never come back!

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